AWARD WINNER! National PBS show, To the Contrary, named The Ties That Bind winner in the category of Changing Attitudes Towards Gender.  

A short version of the film was broadcast nationally on the show during December 2017.

One viewer wrote me in response to seeing it: 

"Over all those years, thank you for making the film. For your unknowing but at the same time knowing thoughts to record, thank you. And thank you to Christine. 

I hope the world we are making is indeed better. As the father of two sons under 4, as someone who knows nothing is to be 'expected,' this is the best time to just be a parent without expectations for their future besides that I will support them in their pursuit of happiness."

(Wednesday, July 13, 2016) “Time to Come Home: A Transgender Woman’s Coming Out Reshapes A North Carolina Family in The Ties That Bind.” INDYweek, Vol. 33, No. 28. The HB2 Issue. Pages 27-28

Diana Newton (seated) and Christine Bush

Diana Newton (seated) and Christine Bush


     Indiewire highlighted our film's selection as a TOP 10 finalist in Seed&Spark's Untold Story Rally--competitive crowdfunding!

(Friday, June 17, 2016) Diana Newton and Christine Bush discuss The Ties That Bind and the transgender experience with host Bill Lumay on WPTF-AM.