Family Resources

The Ties That Bind explores how our family managed conflict during an important period of our history. Here are some principles that may be helpful to your family when disagreements happen: 

10 Keys to Resolving Family Conflict:

1.          Be direct about the issue as you see it.

2.          Understand that acknowledging and listening are not the same as agreeing.

3.          Use “I” statements.

4.          Give the benefit of the doubt.

5.          Have awkward conversations in real time.

6.          Start with curiosity. Lose the judgments.

7.          Ask open-ended questions.

8.          Listen deeply.

9.          Practice empathy to understand where the other person is coming from.

10.       Keep the conversation going. Life is a dialogue.

 Transgender Resources

World Professional Association for Transgender Health

Human Rights Campaign: Explore Transgender primer

Southern Poverty Law Center: LGBT Rights

Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD): Trans FAQ

Transgender Law Center

The New York Times has been inviting transgender stories and exploring the issues facing the community:

Tips for Allies of Transgender People can help you recognize specific actions you can take to help change our culture, starting with family and friends.

Learn more about gender identity and fluidity, and the vast range of human sexuality by visiting the Self Evident Truths project.

NC Politics and the "Bathroom Bill:

My friend, Diane Daniel's excellent blog, She Was the Man Of My Dreams, has many additional resources too. Diane's essay,"My Husband is Now My Wife," was featured in the New York Times 'Modern Love' column and recently became a Modern Love podcast on WBUR (October 11,2017). The reading by Emmy-award-winning actress Ann Dowd and Diane's commentary are very moving and well worth a listen.